Spoken next to dreaming dogs,

Billowed out of the throats of frogs.


We followed to the letter

We deciphered from the river

With venom in the beaker

And death sold by the dollar.



Alexander Collins,

b. 1988



2007-2008 Cal Poly Pomona

2008-2011 Otis College of Art and Design

2011-2012 Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

2012-2013 finished with bachelor studies at Otis College of Art and Design



September 2019 - zinnober, Hannover

Sound performance for display_xyz #3

Mar. 2019 - other places art fair, Angels Gate Park

Sound performance for display_xyz #2

Jan. 2017 - Far Bizarre

Performance for Elephant Art Space

Aug. 2016 - Kunsthalle Völkermarkt

1 month residency in Völkermarkt Austria that led to a group show where an installation and performance was created with Mabel Moore.

Nov. 2015 - subterranean homesick blues

Istallation and sound performance in a group show at The Property gallery in Los Angeles


Nov. 2015 - Translation for co-conspirators

Group show in collaboration with clients of the Exceptional Children’s Foundation at DAC Gallery in Los Angeles  


Aug. 2015 - Budding Heads: A Series of Softcore Blisters

Installation and performance in collaboration with Kelly Wall at Founding Fathers in Los Angeles


May 2015 - a hand in everything

Solo show at Lofty Art Projects in Los Angeles


April 2015 - Alien Tears

Group show at Gallery El Camino in Los Angeles


Jan. 2015  - Plastic//Growl///Howl

Group Show at Trunk Gallery in Los Angeles 


Aug. 2014 - The nature of the unnatural 

Three person show at Woodbury University’s Nan Rae Gallery ft. Elizabeth Bryant and Christopher Miles. 


Jul. 2014 - Site 2: The Hilltop Show

Group show on top of a Hill in Los Angeles


May 2014 - JAB

Three person show at Keystone Gallery, Los Angeles 


Feb. 2014 - Mounds, Folds & Other Mouthfuls

Group show in Laundry room at the Brewery Arts Complex, Los Angeles


Oct. 2013 - Threshold

Group show at the Brewery, A1 Gallery, Los Angeles, CA


Oct. 2013 Curated:  WWJJ?- An art show about creation

Adventurer Hotel, Inglewood, cA


Aug. 2013 - Shangrila: Burrito Deluxe

Annual group show/event in Joshua Tree, CA


May 2013 - We are making peoples days as much as we are ruining them

Senior exhibition at Otis College of Art and Design


Feb. 2013 - Head Trauma

group show, Otis College of Art and Design


Nov. 2012 - Headdress Rehearsal

collaborative installation and musical performance in the Bolsky Gallery

Otis College of Art and Design


Sep. 2012 - 44

Group show in Bolsky Gallery at Otis College of Art and Design


May 2012 - Protostellar

Group show in the Studio Sereno project space, Los Angeles 


Apr. 2012 - Absolute(ly)

Otis Fine Arts Junior Juried Exhibition at Otis College of Art and Design



Group show at DreiEck Studio in Vienna, Austria


Apr. 2011 - Rows Uh Join

Otis Fine Arts Junior Juried Exhibition at Otis College of Art and Design


Dec. 2010 - JUST THE TIP

group show in Beacon Arts Building in Inglewood, CA



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